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Wood Finishers / Lacquering / Staining

Wood finishers, rather than paints, are often used to showcase the natural beauty of wood grain, such as on floors and interior trim.


A Wood Finish:


Protects wood from scratches, dirt and wear.
Enhances wood's natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain & depth.
Preserves wood from water, oxidation, and sun's ultraviolet rays.
Changes wood's appearance by adding colour and hiding defects.


Wood Stain:


A wood stain in a finish for wood that contains a dye or pigment. Stains typically impart a semi-transparent or opaque coating and are designed to change the colour of a surface without concealing the grain pattern and surface texture.


Unlike paints, which form a film on the surface, these stains soak into the wood, accenting the wood grain rather then hiding it. Stains become part of the wood, which helps to prevent the cracking, peeling, chipping, or blistering that commonly occurs with pain.




Lacquer is a clear finish best suited for accenting wood grain. It dries fast and is durable.




Cures as its solvent, alcohol evaporates. Although it creates a brilliant shine, shellac’s uses are limited because of its susceptibility to damages from liquids and heat. Shellac is also used as a sealer and under-coat.