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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry paint process using a powder form of paint, which is electro-statically charged which causes the paint to stick to the component in question. The painted component is then stoved in an oven at a required temperature for the required length of time.


Epoxy Powder Coatings: Ideal for internal aggressive applications, combining excellent mechanical properties with a high degree of chemical resistance. Developed to comply with the most demanding corporate and legislative specifications.


Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings: A blend of epoxy and polyester resins, which offer both designer and coater the optimum combination of decorative and protective properties on a wide range of internal components. It combines speed of use, good overstoving stability with excellent colour and gloss retention.


Polyester Powder Coatings: These coatings are tough and attractive, providing excellent weathering characteristics on external surfaces. TGIC Free formulations are available within our range.


Polyurethane Powder Coating: These coatings provide exceptional levels of gloss coupled with clean sharp colour. They combine good chemical and mechanical properties for interior and exterior applications where a high degree of performance and appearance is important.


This product exhibits good heat resistant properties, as well as good flow and being resistant to weathering. Gloss and flow are superior in appearance to most other powder coatings.


Powder Coating can be used on a variety of materials and is available in a wide range of colours, gloss levels and other types of finish.


Types of Finish Available:




Colours and gloss levels available on request.